Thanksgiving Recap

 Roadtrip sunsets
New Mexico wall
 Successful shopping trip resulted in matching hats! Yay!
 Pit stop on our looooonnnnggg drive
 Hole in the Rock, not as cool as it looks...
 We ate lots of yummy veggies!
 Rockin the fur!
Super cool rocks on the road

Thanksgiving was spent with my hubby's dad in New Mexico this year. 
It was quite an adventure. 
I had never been nor have I ever wanted to...
However, I LOVED it!
New Mexico is gorgeous and I was surprised that they had everything (stores I mean!)
Black Friday was a success there, hurray!
So was Thanksgiving meal, my father in law is the best cook ever!
I have so much to be thankful for! 
I love my family.
I am especially thankful for this guy.