spring break and being back

I've been MIA for the last week. 
Oh ya know, I just had SPRING BREAK!
The perks of being a teacher are just way too good.
So I went on a road trip to St. George, my happy place. 
Doesn't everyone have a happy place? Where is yours?
I guess I have two St. George AND Southern California. Conveniently my grandparents live in both places and I get to visit them whenever I go.

Though I had a blast, I sure missed my cute kids.
(The ones I can never show pictures of so I don't get in trouble.)
I think they make me the happiest. 

Especially when they fart right next to me.....yeah and it was LOUD! 
All the kids looked at me and I just wanted to point and say, "No, it wasn't me it was her!!", but I have to be the mature one and not laugh and not make a big deal out of it.

Or when a little girl says she's sick and she does this quite a bit so I say, "Oh bummer, because we are going to be doing an art project today and you will miss out!" and then she says that she isn't sick anymore. 

I love my babies and I love nice people. 
Special shout out to the amazing ladies I work with. 
I swear working with nice and sweet people just makes life SO much better.