What movie star do you look like?

So the past month I have been told that I look like two different movie stars...Now why do I care or why do you care? It's stupid really but it's fun. Also I wish I was a movie star or actually a Broadway star (we can dream right?) so when people say that I look like someone famous I get super excited! haha. So here they are...

Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls... I LOVE her!!!

Then the girl from the X-Men Origins Wolverine
Lynn Collins

Ok, so I haven't seen the movie yet, but after opening night I had people stop me on the street to tell me that I looked like Wolverine's girlfriend...I was like whhatt are you talking about? I looked up pictures and I think I can see it?

I don't know...who do I look like? I love finding resemblances between people. Who have people told you that you look like?