Viva La Vegas Valentines...

Valentines Day was amazing. Christian and I went to Vegas with our friends Trent and Stephanie. They are both from Washington but Steph's family just recently moved to Vegas. So we stayed at her house. The first thing we did when we got to Vegas was of course...get In-N-Out! :) Valentines day we went into the city all day long and just wandered. It was SO much fun!

By night, we split up and while Steph and Trent went to a show we went to dinner at the Mon Ami Gabi at the Eiffel Tower. Christian is from France and he thought the food was very authentic. It was SO good and so romantic!

Christian treated me like a princess all night. We had an amazing view at the restaurant and just spent hours and hours dining, just like the French :) We then wandered more of Vegas and watched the Bellagio fountains dance to "Time to Say Goodbye" one of my favorite songs, the fountains were BEAUTIFUL!

Then, we went into the Bellagio and I heard a piano playing and I told Christian, that what would top this night off is if we listen to the piano player (I love listening to people play the piano) So instead of just sitting anywhere Christian takes us to a table in the bar right next to the piano and we order drinks Shirley temples :) and we listen to the beautiful music. We made friends with the drunk people around us because that's how we do. Greg, a drunk rich guy near our table became our friend that night. We talked to him and he was friends with the piano man and dedicated a song to us, "When I Fall In Love" It was so cute!!! It totally made my night. To top it off I got beautiful roses, Jones soda, chocolate, and an amazing date. It was so much fun and definitely a night to remember. Valentines in Vegas is not too shabby, I recommend it! :)