Poetic Licence Freeway Fringe

Breaking Down on the freeway is everyone's dream on a long road trip. 
My mom and I were on our way to Vegas and her car started to slow down going up a big hill. We had a tank full of gas and a current oil change, so it was bizarre. We had just passed an exit and we were in the middle of nowhere. Luckily another exit came up with nothing there but a turn around area. We were able to coast down a hill but the car was coming to a complete stop. My mom said, get ready to push. I was wearing my favorite pants and favorite shirt that day with my new Poetic Licence shoes and although this wasn't the ideal outfit for going out and pushing a car, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

We pushed the car for almost a mile. It was the most miserable mile of my life. I was in the back of the car while my mom was steering/pushing when she could. I started to cry as the 2nd car went past us, I was SO exhausted and about to give up pushing the car up the hill. As we were nearing the top of the hill of the exit ramp, a group of college aged boys jumped out of their car and helped push us to the nearest repair shop. I started tearing up. Their timing couldn't be more perfect and I know that God was hearing our prayers at that moment.

SO two things I took away from this experience:
1. If you can help someone push a car on the side of the road, do it. I understand there are people that were probably unable or that just couldn't who passed us. I am SO grateful for our rescuers and for their help.
2. Always be prepared. It was the ONE time my mom and I didn't bring our coats with us on this trip down south. I am SO lucky to have worn comfortable shoes. Poetic Licence never fails me.

That brings me to one more point. 
You NEED these shoes.
I am obsessed.

They are comfy.
I was able to push a car up a hill for almost a mile in these babies.
Fringe. Need I say more?
Thank you Poetic Licence for mixing my love of high heels and comfort.
Oh, the best part ever... THEY ARE ON SALE.

Boots- Must Have Shoes (on sale!)
Pants- Old Navy