Jeans and a T-Shirt

Shirt- Target
Jeans- Old Navy
Booties- Lucky Brand
Hat- World Market (similar)

I have never been a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. 
I have also never been so busy in my life.
I have a million things going on.
I am starting up my business.
I am teaching first grade.
I am on this really intense diet.
I am trying to keep up with a blog (really though, this is last priority).

Life is crazy.
I have never loved wearing something plain like this more than I do now.
You don't have to think about it,
It's chic.
It's simple.
Yay for clothes that fit that criteria!

BTW- These jeans are my favorite jeans of ALL TIME. No joke, I just bought 3 pairs.
Get yourself a pair, you won't regret it.