Let's Be Honest...Fashion Blogging

I have always wanted to share some honest thoughts about Fashion Blogging but I always get scared and never post it. So here you go. 

Guys, being a fashion blogger, I can say this...it truly is a facade. 
I have been apart of this fashion blogging scene for about 5 years. This may not be true about everyone, but this is what I see and sometimes what I do. We take pictures sometimes weeks or months in advance, we grab any gig we can get (if you are a small blogger like me), we make pretty much nothing from our blog, we may not even be fashion experts but just shopaholics that like to brag (that may be a little too harsh for some), AND you have to beg people to take pictures of yourself. Hilarious right? I'm kind of laughing at myself right now. 

I love fashion blogging and hate it at the same time. 
I am not fond of putting myself out there in the world to be judged and worry people think that I just want the world to revolve around me and clothes. Yikes! I do however love the creativity that comes with putting outfits together, creating a brand, the entrepreneur and marketing skills I have been able to learn, the community, and a base for me to show people how to put outfits together and experiment with clothes from my closet. And let's be honest here, I have always had a thing for being in front of a camera. I should have been famous.

So why do I do it? 
Sometimes I have no idea. I love reading other fashion blogs and I want to leave my mark in this messed up fashion blogging world. My pictures may not be the best, I may take way too many mirror selfies. However, I feel more real doing that. If it's not a mirror selfie, those other shoots probably took a couple hours to get ready for and lots of thought, prep time, whining over how your hair didn't keep it's volume from yesterday, second guessing your choice of clothes, trying to spot out a unique location, etc. 

So WHY do you do it? I don't get it.
I want to be considered a real fashion blogger among the many fake/superficial ones.
I feel like by trying to be real I am not always going to have the time to post picture perfect photos.
I am not going to post all the time, because for REAL who wants to be on their phone and computer all day long typing away (oops is it really 3 am??). 
So here is to trying to be more REAL.

So next time you see a fashion blog post from me or your favorite blogger, just know I or they probably took like 20+ pictures to get the perfect angle where they look the skinniest or got their hair in the perfect place to make it look like a models. We are real people with insecurities like you. We don't all think our style is the best. Heck, I know people that dress so good on a daily basis but they don't feel the need to record their style all over social media. Just remember to be happy with who you are and where you are in life. Fashion bloggers are not trying to make you feel bad about yourself. We do it to ourselves when we compare our lives to theirs.

With my fashion blog I hope I can continue to learn and put my talents to good use. I have been working on a super exciting project that I will be announcing soon. The years of my embarassing fashion blogging may pay off eventually. I love, love, LOVE putting outfits together and finding joy in something we ALL have to do everyday...getting dressed every morning.

Soooooooo you probably came to my site today to see an outfit. So here is my not so creative fashion post today, but a perfect outfit to me. I feel happy and comfortable in it, and hopefully it will inspire you to find something cute, stylish, and comfy to wear today or to find something fun on your next shopping trip. I took like 10 pictures and this one was the winner. Just trying to be honest here... :)
High/Low T-Shirt Dress- Boutique in California (similar)
Sandals- Birkenstocks

One more honest thing, if you ever click any of the (similar) or bolded words above or the pictures below, I get 10 cents per click. A rip off for all the time I put into doing it, if you ask me...haha. If you ever want to help a teacher out, you could totally click on everything just for fun! ;)

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