Lily Pulitzer Target Collab

Friday Favorites: Lily Pulitzer 

So you probably know about all the mayhem about the Lily Pulitzer Target collaboration. If not, here is my story about it.

My personal opinion, the Lily Pulitzer Target collaboration was the best idea ever. Lily Pulitzer at a reasonable price!? Heck yes, I wanted a piece of that action and I was willing to do whatever it took to get something! I was planning on waiting outside a Target in Utah where I thought no one would probably even care to get a precious Lily item, however I ended up going to North Carolina that week (aka hub of Lily lovers). I knew I could only do my shopping via the web on my vacation.

I stayed up till midnight waiting for the launch, but nothing showed up on the website. I looked up the hashtag #lilyfortarget on instagram and girls kept saying they bought this and this and that. I was stunned that they were getting things and I kept reloading the target homepage and there were NO changes whatsoever to the inventory online. So what the heck? Turns out there was an accidental release through google search. Before the launch began, girls were posting on twitter how you could search for your exact item name and buy it via the mobile app. What?? Well, I didn't stay up till midnight on the east coast for nothing! I did exactly what all the girls via twitter said to do. It totally worked. I got everything I wanted in my cart. As soon as I went to check out, everything in my cart disappeared. I was SO disappointed. Apparently the tech guys got a beating once this loop hole was discovered. I knew it was too good to be true. At that point I kind of gave up...well I should have. However, every hour I would check the Target website to see if it would work. Nothing.

Girls on instagram started posting that things were already out of stock at this point and I was just thinking, HEY I haven't even had a chance to even TRY to buy anything. I was SO done at this point. Annoyed that I had stayed up till midnight and then I couldn't sleep at all. I waited till that last possible time that they were going to release the Lily items on the website, 3 am. So 3 am comes and I rush to the website and of course has crashed. Well that was it. Disappointed, sleep deprived and mad. I went to bed after several tries.

I happened to wake up at 5:30 that morning. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and went to the website. This time I actually got on the website, FINALLY saw the products on the site, and went through each item that I had wanted. To my disappointment everything was pretty much taken. I was able to score one item. ONE! I joined the Lily Pulitzer Target Collaboration and scored one whole item with a night of no sleep. Was it worth it? Nope. I guess getting one item that doesn't even fit doesn't qualify as a success.

Here's to better fitting Lily Pulitzer items that actually fit and are made of better material: