I Hate Pants!

I had a friend of mine ask me where I buy my jeans. I had to laugh a little bit because I honestly hate, hate, HATE pant shopping. There is nothing worse I tell you! I have become a total dress and skirt girl because of my hate for pants. However, you can't wear dresses and skirt all the time. When I find a pair of pants I like, I buy a couple pairs of the same thing. I think my hate for pants stems from the perception that my legs are more muscular than most and finding pants that fit is a bit harder. So here are the pants that work for me and my budget and my hate for pants.
1. Old Navy
I love the Rockstar Jeans. As a teacher, a pair of pants that I can stand, sit, kneel, and move around in is essential. These pants are seriously the best. At Old Navy they call the Rockstar Jeans, "Super Stretchy and Universally Flattering", I totally agree with that.

2. Forever 21
$7 jeans! Should I say that again? $7 jeans!!!! Ok, 7.90, but still you might as well stock up on these jeans if they look good on you.
3. Nordstrom Rack
Brand name jeans for a deal! I like getting my skinny jeans elsewhere but for more "stylized" jeans I feel like Nordstrom Rack always has what I am looking for.