What to Wear to Disneyland in the Spring

My husband and I are obsessed with Disneyland. We could go there all the time, anytime. It doesn't help that we both grew up 10 minutes from it. We both have such amazing memories there. The thing that I have the hardest time with every time I go is, WHAT TO WEAR. Haha.

Southern California always has nice weather, however in the early morning and evening it is rather chilly. You need something to keep you warm. For the most part It will be a low of 50' in the morning/evening and a high of 70' in the afternoon and if your lucky 80'.

What to Wear in the Spring at Disneyland:
- light jacket/cardigan
-short sleeve shirt OR long sleeve shirt that you can put sleeves up easily.
-comfortable pants/shorts/capris
-comfortable shoes

Here is what I wore, it was a pretty comfy outfit for the whole day of running around all day. When I got hot I just took my cardigan off and then I would seriously put it right back on after getting into the shade again. Most ride lines are shaded, so having a light jacket/cardigan is essential.

Cardigan- Anthropologie  (similar)
Ruffle Shirt- Anthropologie (similar)
Pants- Lululemon 
Sandals- Rainbow