Black and White Retro Bathing Suit

This is really scary, I am modeling a bathing suit today and I have to admit I am really timid putting this on my blog. (Big breaths) I am simply showing you, that you can be confident in your own body, no matter what size. I know I am no size 0 or even size 6 and guess what, I am ok with that. Being happy with your body is so important and guess what I am happy with mine. :) I LOVE retro one pieces and I feel like it works well on my body.

Finding a bathing suit style that compliments your body and makes you feel amazing, is not that hard with Beverly Swimwear. Beverly is a girl my age who makes and designs swimsuits (amazing right?!).  She knows not everyone fits one style of swimwear. Thus, she has made tons of different designs for all body types! I have gotten a suit for the past 2 years (2013 2014), because they are my favorite.

Bathing Suit- Beverly Swimwear
Scalloped Shorts- Poshmark (similar)
Hat- Tai Pan (similar)
Shoes- Chase and Chloe (similar)