Plaid Plaid World

Photography by Jacqueline Christensen
Plaid Pants- Forever 21 (similar)
Sweater Shirt- Walmart (similar)
Shoes- Forever Young Shoes (similar)
Hat- Target (similar)

Well I am so not a sports fan, but when it comes to my hometown going to the Super Bowl it gets me excited. I am so bummed for the Seahawks loosing last night. I was in a room full of Patriots fans, including my husband so that was tough knowing when to cheer and when not to...hahaha. :) Until next year!

I have the busiest week coming up full of parent teacher conferences...which I am not very excited for the long nights I have to spend at school this week. Oh well, talking to parents is always pretty fun! How do you feel about parent teacher conferences? Hope you have a great week!