Top 5 of 2014

Top 5 outfits this year
(according to my stats):
1, 2, 3, 45

Now here are my Top 5 things that happened in my life this year:
(this year was pretty boring, but here it is anyways).

1. Started my 5th year of teaching.

2. Had my golden birthday this year. 26 on the 26th. I am not excited to turn 27 this year, now THAT sounds old.

3. I am FINALLY an Aunt! My little sister had a baby! Scarlett Rose was born in May, and that baby is the most spoiled little girl ever.
4. I sang in church twice this year, my only performances I have done in YEARS!

5. My blog became a .com url. I changed the name from Bridgette Nicole to Bridgette Style. It was a long process of picking a name. With not an available domain I had to become creative. So, Bridgette Style it was!

I have had an amazing year with my friends and family and I am especially grateful for my ever supporting husband. Obviously I have other more personal goals and accomplishments that I have achieved this year but don't like to share over the Internet. I feel like it is always a great idea to look back on your year and see the good and the things you could do better next year. I am excited for what 2015 has in store!

I have done similar lists to this in the past if you want to see... 2013 and 2010.