Preppy in a Thrift Store

There is a new kid on the block in the way of thrift stores in Utah, it's called TAGS.

Most thrift stores I must admit are well...gross. However, I still shop in them because I love finding good deals. Well TAGS has the cheap prices AND it smells good AND it looks good! Check, check, check!
This is not your normal thrift store.

They have an adorable Cafe in the middle of the store so you can relax, get a snack so you can enjoy your shopping adventure. Can you believe that? You even have the option to sell back items for money and then you can choose a charity among many to donate to. Learning about these charities just made my heart melt, I can't wait to donate myself.

I was super lucky to go on a tour of the store before they open. I was able to get a few things and style them. They have fresh, current, and seasonal items. I was able to find a Ralph Lauren cable knit vest and a luxurious London Fog trench coat. My preppy heart was squealing with joy as I snatched these items from the racks. 

Check it out and find your own treasures at the Grand Opening on Friday (tomorrow), September 19th in American Fork, Utah. 680 South 500 East
Visit their website: for more information. 

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Vest- Ralph Lauren from TAGS (similar)
Trench Coat- London Fog from TAGS,
Ticking Shirt- Ralph Lauren, Scarf- Ralph Lauren (similar),
Skirt- J.Crew (similar), Riding Boots- Vince Camuto