Anjolee Eternity Ring

I love my wedding ring. When I got engaged, I wanted a simple 3 ring stone ring. I love the classic style of it. Having a big diamond in the middle and 2 on the side just looks lovely to me.  I was never into the whole wedding band deal, it just wasn't my thing. I loved my one ring, so why get another ring to add on when I was already happy? But, as most girls do, I recently changed my mind and Anjolee, saved the day. 

Anjolee let me style their Brilliant Eternity Ring with Side Stones. I am honestly so in love with this gorgeous ring. I love the way these two rings look together! Something I really like about Anjolee is you can customize your jewelry to make it perfect for you. One of the most gorgeous pieces I found on their website is their Riviera Diamond Necklace check it out here.