JCrew Scalloped Shift Dress


Scalloped Dress- JCrew Factory, Striped Shoes- Target

I try on a lot of clothes before I buy the perfect items that I want in my closet forever. Yes, I tend to keep most of my clothes forever. I do give into a lot of trends but then stay away from others like the plague. My friend on Facebook said this past weekend, that Provo (where I live)= 80s wear and 90s grunge. I couldn't agree more with fashion right now that is kinda the style and I honestly hate it. I am sorry if you dress like that, it's just not my favorite. 

Anyways, onto my point. I saw this dress online and put it in my shopping basket immediately. I never gave in to buying because I had to try it on to see what it would look like on. I went into the store, and it WAS just what I imagined. Only problem was it was too short (for me). :( I didn't end up getting it, but oh is it a dreamy scallop dress or what? I am absolutely in love with this citrus lime color! Perfect for summer!

By the way, can you help me win a contest for my husband and I? I want to surprise him with a trip to Florida! :) He is #24
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