Ideal Shape Review

So I have been using this weight loss program (which I usually don't believe in) this last month called Ideal Shape. I am all about eating healthy and exercising, so using other stuff is pretty fishy to me. Ideal Shape has totally changed my mind. It supports the idea of eating balanced and exercising but also makes some meals a little easier for you to stay healthy. I was able to try out the Meal Replacement bars, the Meal Replacement Chocolate Shake, and the Natural Shape Hunger Blocker pills. It fit in great with my daily routine.

When I didn't feel like eating my regular breakfast this past month of yogurt or fruit, I would put milk and a scoop of Ideal Shape's chocolate powder into their awesome shaker bottle and I would have an instant meal! I have ALWAYS wanted a shaker bottle!! SO AWESOME! It makes the whole shake process so much easier without waking up my husband in the morning.

Oh and their yummy, Cinnamon Carmel Crunch bars I was skeptical of them at first, but mmmm...they are so SO good! They totally fill you up as well. Finally, if there was a day I didn't want to eat much, I would take a Natural Shape hunger blocker pill and they really make you not hungry! So awesome for those days where I eat too much junk and I just need to stop eating. You know what I mean! ;) Now, I haven't been the best at doing all of these things all month, but the days I did, I felt great and my body looked pretty good.

Try it out for yourself to see what you think! I am pretty sure you will LOVE it! They have a lot more to offer then what I tried out. Visit the Ideal Shape Website and get 10% off your order using this coupon code: 10SHAPE2