Upholstering A Chair Seat

Guys, I conquered the unknown. I did something I always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do... I upholstered my first chair! Ok, it was JUST a seat cover, but STILL! Yesterday, I stepped into my favorite thrift store and "Lo and Behold" there was this amazing cane french-looking chair! It was love at first sight and I knew I needed it. It only being $9.00, I felt like I was stealing it. The seat cover was ok already but I really really wanted it to be black and white, so it left me with no choice but to recover it...YIKES! Here is my slightly sketchy, not that good DIY for all you non-DIYers out there that want an easy project...

All you need is:
-Staple Gun

If you want to get all fancy shmancy, you might want to take off the old seat cover, but I was honestly too lazy. Also, recruit a helper. My sister in law happened to be over when I did this, and she saved me from making it look pretty bad, sometimes I have no patience when it comes to DIY projects. The hardest part is just making sure the fabric lays right on the chair and stapling it on right the first time. If you try and be patient and go a little staple gun crazy, it's not that bad and you end up with a pretty cute, chair seat in the fabric of your choice! I love my black and white stripes!

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