Gold Pinstripe Jamberry Nails

So, I have to tell you a little secret... 
I don't like painting my nails.
It drives me crazy, you would think I was still in 1st grade...I CAN'T stay in the lines!!!
I sometimes paint my nails though, and it looks so bad the next day because lets be honest keeping up with nail polish chips is a pain in the butt.

My favorite way to have pretty designed nails...JAMBERRY NAILS!
They are designer nail stickers and man do they work wonders. 
I spent less time putting these on then I would painting my nails 
and it looks like I got them done at a nail salon. 

Ashley is super easy to work with and always sends me the latest catalogs 
with the newest designs that Jamberry comes out with. 
To say I am obsessed would be an understatement. 
You can check out her website or email Ashley at 
to learn more or request your own catalog!

Rings- Wedding Ring & Vintage Spoon Ring