Mustard Thanksgiving

Polka Dot Dress- DownEast Basics (like this), Mustard Cardigan- (like this),
Fur Stole- H&M (like this)

Excuse my absence from the blog world. 
Moving, packing and unpacking, celebrating our anniversary, and living out of a hotel for a week sure makes everything a little hectic. We are all settled in our new place and absolutely love it. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving and so excited for all the fun art projects I get to do with my little first graders this short week! 

This is what I wore last Thanksgiving. 
Polka dot dress, mustard cardigan, and to make it a bit more fancy, I added fur.
And no, this is not my new bedroom, I have to get through my old pictures first! Geesh! :)

Have you thought about what you are going to wear this year? 
Yeah, me neither. I have to pack tonight too! Eeek! Give me some ideas! :)