Mad Men DIY Couples Costume

One of my favorite things about teaching is making learning fun! I hate listening to boring teachers, so I try to be the fun exciting teacher I always wanted. I tend to be many characters in my classroom (i'm kinda a drama queen, if you didn't know). I LOVE acting and talking in weird voices. The secret is out, ok! :) This past week I was a witch in my classroom, a pirate, and a rapper. My kids LOVED it! They keep asking for these characters to return. They like them better than me! :( haha. These characters barely have a costume, I usually throw on a hat as I slip into my "magic" closet and it is all about the acting. With Halloween coming up, here is an easy couple costume you can put together in seconds. If you don't have all the money in the world to spend on the "perfect" costume, use your acting skills and act like the character! Everyone will know who you are!


Dress- Modcloth (like this or this), Belt- Kate Spade

Can't wait to show you my costume I will be wearing this weekend with the hubby! :)
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What are you going to be for Halloween?