Fashion Weekend

I had the busiest weekend I can ever remember. 
First off, I went to the Fashion Place Mall Fall Fusion Fashion Show. 
Yeah, it's not New York Fashion Week, but it will do! :) 
I loved going with my girl, Elise!

Saturday, I had to wake up super early to start my 18 miles run. Ugh.
After, I worked an awesome Hyundai event at the BYU Football Game.

 The event was awesome! I love working as a Promo girl on the weekends. 
The unfortunate thing though was Utah got the biggest storm I have ever seen. 
There was a fierce wind and flash floods. It was scary! 

After the rain calmed and I finally got home, 
I got to put on my new rain boots!
Eeeee!! I was SOOO excited to finally wear these!
 Sunday, my cute sis and bro-in-law talked in church and so I went to see them! 
I then got to watch the 2 year olds...
That was an adventure. 
I think I will stick to my little first graders. :)
Although, they were really, really cute!