Quarter of a Century

My actual birthday was amazing and perfect!
My students spoiled me rotten. Being a first grade teacher definitely has its benefits around your birthday. I walked into my room and it was filled with balloons and totally decorated. 
I was told to wear a tiara and sash when my students came in, all day I looked and felt like a Princess.
I was ok with that.
I had all the first grade classes sing me happy birthday, I felt like a celebrity.
I got hugs galore and so many wonderful notes from my special friends.

I then went out with my mom and sister for lunch and some shopping.
Best people to shop with! Love them both!!

When I got home, my hubby took me out to my favorite place for dinner, CPK! :)
We then got home and went hot tubbing and watched our favorite shows.

I love birthdays, I don't love the whole idea of getting older though!
I am getting use to the idea of being a quarter of a century old now.
I guess I have to.