My week didn't start out the way I thought it would... I ended up calling in sick to work at 3 in the morning. Not my idea of starting the week off on a good note! While in bed, I was refreshing the news to find out about the Boston Marathon before the disaster and I was ever so interested because I have always dreamed of running it. It hurt me so to see my favorite East Coast town and the most amazing athletes and sweetest spectators suffer so much! I am grateful for good people and for those that helped those in need, It is good to know there are way more amazing people out there, then there are bad.

Speaking of Boston, this amazing necklace is from this gorgeous town. I am a HUGE fan of the ever so classy Demoiselle Jewels. I just got this pearl necklace from her and I am literally OBSESSED. I have worn it just about everyday. I have another one I can't wait to show you as well! Take a look at this Boston company, Seriously, I think I need every necklace she makes!