Mirror Monday

Ok, I am going to start something...wierd if I must say so myself. 
So I take pictures of my outfit in front of my mirror... (gulp) there I said it. 
With these pics, I have made a virtual library on my computer of my clothes (think clueless...).
So when I need to pick an outfit to wear, I can look on my computer and pick something quick.

From now on, 
Mondays on Bridgette Nicole are Mirror Mondays.
Woot, woot!! 
 If you think I am cray cray for doing this, just don't look on Mondays 
you can see how messy my room is every month. Now THAT might be entertaining!
If you want to know what I wore, well here's your chance to look at Bridgette's virtual closet.

I wore this to the Malt Shoppe this weekend... a little dressy for malts, 
but I am all about being too dressy!