Awful Waffle Blog Party

Last night I went to my first ever blogger party! Call me a nerd, but it was SOOO much fun!
It was hosted by The Awful Waffle and the party planning company, Sugarplum.

I had never been to Awful Waffle but have heard so many good things about it (even though it has the word "awful" in it). I had just finished parent teacher conferences where they fed us next to nothing. I could have eaten anything. I don't remember the name of what I ordered, I just asked the girl at the counter what was good and I told her I wanted bananas and strawberries on top of whatever she said. Let's just say it was... AMAZING!

Not only does Awful Waffle have amazing food but the architecture and design inside of the restaurant is as good as the food. I had amazing company as well. I met new friends talked blogging and planning trips, etc. It was a grand evening.
It was so fun meeting all of you! :)

Here are some pictures from the evening: