What Happens In Vegas...

I took a road trip to St. George and Vegas. 
It seemed like a normal trip. 
Stopped in St. George worked with my mom on design stuff and got a tan at the pool. PERFECT. 
I decided to go join my mom and celebrate her friends 50th birthday party in Vegas. 
Sounds boring right? 
You know go to a restaurant, talk about boring things, blah, blah, blah.
50 year olds sure know how to have fun!
 Did I just say that? 
It was so much fun
These ladies were a riot. 
My mom grew up in Guatemala and she had this amazing group of girl friends who are still friends today. 

Don't they look fun? 
I became the photographer, which was a blast! :)

Guate girls sure know how to dance!

By they way, what the heck is a MOOD DIRECTOR!? 
I think I can guess, but seriously?

Viva Las Vegas! 

I can't wait to be 50 someday! :)