Classroom Cuties

I asked a little boy if he put his book in order, he said..."uh-huh"
I look at his book and it is in this order 3,7,1,5,4,2,6.
I said, "this doesn't look like it's in order..."
He said, "my brain forgot... JUST LIKE YOURS FORGETS!"

Kids at a table were discussing where they were born, one little boy said, "I was born in heaven!"

A little boy comes up to me while he is doing his centers and tell me, "just so you know, my a's look like 9's. Just so you know they are not stupid or anything!"

At centers, a little boy says to all of his friends, "I am a smart boy guys, I really am!"
All his friends say, "You are smart!"
Then another little guy says, "I am smart too, my dad says!"
Then another says with big eyes as if she is shocked, "What!!?? my Mom and Dad says I am too!!"

A little girl comes up to me and says, I LOVE YOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!! You are so CUUUUTE!

The calendar in my room, it's almost October!