Paul Family Reunion

Most family reunions can be boring and you can't wait for them to end. 
Mine is the opposite! 
I have the best extended family, here are just a couple of the fun things that happened last week at the Paul Family Reunion.

I was just loving all the babies! <3

My sister and her fiancé are so cute!

My hubby and I

The ice cream machine was quite the hit with the little kids!

My hubby driving the boat! Isn't he dashing? ;)

My dad is an amazing water skier. Pro right here!

I am obsessed with water sports! My favorite is probably surfing behind the boat! LOVE it!

 Definitely my happy place even in a thunder storm! 

Sorry girls, he's all mine! :)

These two cuties were having squealing contests, SO adorable! Caught them in action!

My cousins that are my age! They are all having or have had babies, but not me! 

I am obsessed with my cousin Jamie's little girl. Isn't she the cutest thing ever? She even learned how to say my name!! :)

The reunion ended with some of the party animals playing scum, I love them all and I can't wait for another reunion!