Summer Has Begun!

This week was my first full week of summer. I have had meetings galore for school. The life of a teacher is fantastic because you get a summer... but finally starting summer 4 weeks after school has let out is kind of a bummer.

So since I am out, let me tell you what I have been doing this week:

Celebrating Birthdays- My adorable sister who is getting married in a couple weeks had her birthday this week! Happy Birthday Hela!

What else have I been doing?
Work out videos
Hanging out with family and friends
Taking care of sick husband
Pool & hot tub
Getting my car fixed
Pinterest & Facebook :) (at least I am honest!)
Cleaning and making messes
Experimenting with cooking
and not thinking about school :)

I feel like I have been super lazy, at least this makes me look like I have done SOMETHING!
 Being a teacher can make you really really busy all year long. I am so grateful I have a job where I get so much time off during my favorite months of the year! :)