Belated Happy Mothers Day!

Just wanted to real quick recognize my amazing mom, I know yesterday was Mother's day, but I believe we should celebrate our moms all the time!

My mom deserves a gold star for just putting up with me all these years. 
When I was little I was what you would call...
wild, crazy, and a quite a handful 
but my mom still kept me. :)

My mom was always there for me. 
She stayed up late with me on every project I ever did. 
I was her shopping buddy since the day I was born.
She taught me that running can be fun and influenced me to run a marathon. 
She saw the potential in me that no one else did. 
I cannot repay my mom for all she has done for me. 
All I can say though is, thanks mom! I love you! :)

I love my lovely mother in law also. My hubby wouldn't be so amazing if it weren't for her. Also, I love spending time with her. She is super talented, beautiful, a great cook, and is such a sweet person.

One of my favorite quotes reminds me of her, 
"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." -Abraham Lincoln

And I will end this with a quote my mama has always said, "less is more". 
I could learn from that too.