My birthday ended up being more of a week long celebration, and I am not complaining! :)

The birthday celebrations started off with my cute students surprising me with party! I came into my classroom and they had decorated it, brought the treats, and made me presents with the help of the wonderful sub that they had 2 weeks ago, Wendy. :)

Hubby surprised me with a get together with the Martineaus, whom I love! We had my fav. angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream!

THEN, my hubby surprised me with a trip to Disneyland the next day... he is AMAZING! 
We are seriously little kids when we go to this place... as you can see below:

I got to see my best friend since 2nd grade, Dana. I just adore her.
 My mom and fam wanted to celebrate too, so tonight they threw a little party in my apartment for some of my family friends! Love them all!

 Making a wish!

Let's just say I think this will be a good year! :)