First Day of Spring!

Spring is natures way of saying, "Let's Party!" -Robin Williams

This is what the first day of spring looked like from my living room window this afternoon

"Grown ups never lie." -A little 1st grade girl today in my class
Don't you wish that was true?

Sock Buns from a 1st Graders Perspective:
My hair was down today, but it was driving me crazy. As I put my hair in a pony tail and proceeded to begin my sock bun my class started noticing what I was doing and they all said, ewww... why are you putting a sock in your hair??
I told them it was a clean sock. They still thought that was disgusting.
I told them to watch.
I showed them my hair when it was all done. They loved it. :)

This pretty facade was quite deceiving.
I thought it would be warm going out for a run but it was FREEZING!
I had to run fast, but I did snap a picture on my run. :)