Character Traits

Today, in class we were talking about character traits.
Since Friday was Dr. Seuss' Birthday we are still celebrating!
I asked my students what character traits the Cat in the Hat has. 
We decided that he is naughty. 

Then, my students insisted that we talk about my character traits. I was ok with with being the example! :)
They were so nice, they said the following:
Mrs. W is nice, funny, pretty, beautiful, married to the coolest man ever (they are seriously all in love with Mr. W, way more than me!), wears high heels, cute, has beautiful hair, neat, sings good, and silly.

These kids sure make my day. Aren't they adorable?
Ok and some of these are not character traits, don't worry, I'm not teaching them wrong! 
Kids say whatever comes out of their mouths and I am glad that this is what they said.
 I think that they forgot to mention that I am mean, strict, and not always "cute"...haha. :)