Awkward and Awesome Thursday

One of my all time favorite bloggers, the Daybook has always done Awkward and Awesome Thursday. I felt like this week I have had many awkward moments and many things to be grateful for so here we go!

-I took a shower last night and walked in the bathroom like 10 minutes later and totally slipped on the floor catching myself with my bad arm. I just laid their awkwardly laughing and crying at the same time. My arm still hurts! Oww!
-Being sick ALL week. SO not fun when you are teaching little kids.
-Being on "supervision duty" at school and wearing a bright orange safety vest.
Nope that's not all...wearing that and saying hi to a mom while walking by a bike and having the bike handle grab my orange vest and it took me down. Yeah I fell right over and brought the bike down with me. Smooooooth!

-This sunny hot weather that we have had all week here in Utah. I haven't had to wear a jacket all week!!
(I seriously need to live in a hot place, the sun makes me happy! :) )
- Meetings on Friday and not having to teach. I LOVE my job but sometimes just sitting in meetings is so relaxing, it reminds me of how fun school was minus the homework.
-A new phone cover and wallet in one. Best thing ever invented, it was seriously made for me.
Michael Kors does it right again! Not to mention, I found it at TJ Maxx for half price! Love that place.
-Del Taco Thursday at lunch with Andrea at school. Love that girl!
-My amazing husband that takes care of me when I am sick and is always such a sweetheart. <3 him!