Vintage Valentine Bucket

I needed a valentine box for this weekend. Instead of making something I would throw away, I wanted something that would last and I could use for multiple purposes. 

I have read SO many tutorials and I have never made one myself, sooooo here we go:

-Scrapbook Paper (I REALLY wanted vintage valentines to put on this, but the best I could find was vintage valentine scrapbook paper.)
-Mod Podge

1. Cut out the scrapbook paper into pieces that you would like to have on the bucket. 

 2. I wanted to have a striped layer, because I LOVE black and white stripes. I put this on by putting mod podge on the bucket and then laying the scrapbook paper on top. Then putting mod podge back on top of the paper. It's ok to be messy, put it ALL over the paper! It will dry! :)
3.  I then wanted a "newspaper" look on the bottom So I cut out my favorite parts of the newspaper looking scrapbook paper. 
 4. I put on TONS of mod podge to hold everything onto the bucket. 
 5. Admire your vintage valentine bucket!

 6. I added a burlap ribbon onto the handle of the bucket. 
 I plan to use it for my classroom valentine party (I am a first grade teacher). 
I will then put it in my house and fill it with roses. :)