A Picture A Day

I've never done anything like this, but it seems fun!
I've done only a couple of the days that I remember... 
Those of you that have Instagram, I apologize now for crowding up your picture feed with pictures everyday. :)

Day 1. your view today
My cute classroom and my kiddos (I left them out of this picture though!)

Day 2. words
Here are some of my sweet students showing me the kindest words a teacher could get. 
Aww, I love them!

  Day 3. hands
My adorable sister in law's hands on a dish towel...when she was little girl. I think this is SO cute!

Day 5. 10 am
Just getting out of bed on a Sunday Morning! :)

 Day 6. dinner
Cooked dinner but nothing picture worthy. Watched this crazy lady on The Bachelor. I hate Courtney...

Day 7. button
My favorite buttons on my favorite coat.

Day 8. sun
I honestly don't go outside like all day. 
So instead here is photo of the last sunset of 2011 in Laguna Beach.