Antique Chalkboard Tutorial

I saw this awesome chalkboard silver tray on Pinterest... and I knew I had to try it! So here is my own tutorial on how I did it! Enjoy! 

Let's pretend that this is what the tray looked like before we started.
(I forgot to take a picture, so let's pretend this is what it looked like)
Materials needed: 
Painters tape, chalkboard paint, paintbrush, and newspaper.

1. Place the newspaper down and tape the antique plate up so the edges will stay beautiful and silver.

2. Start painting the plate with the chalkboard paint.

3. Let it dry for 4+ hours.

4. Put paint away, don't leave it on your carpet or it may get tipped over all over your beige carpet... ;) 
(Maybe I will give a great 
"How to get black paint out of your carpet tutorial" next time! )

5. Peel the painter's tape off and VOILA!  Now get some chalk and write to your heart's desire!

Now, the original idea was to hang this on my door of my apartment. 
It was on the door for a week, but it didn't look the way I wanted it to and it banged against the door every time you opened and closed the door...
sooooo I took it down. 
I prefer it in my apartment so I can write all over it and actually see it! YAY! :)