Mr. W Visits!

I teach first graders and I bribe them with awesome things if they are good. Anytime they are caught doing good as a class or they get a compliment from another teacher, we put a cotton ball in a jar. When they fill it up, they get to choose what they would like to do. Most kids would choose dance parties, popcorn party, pizza party, ice cream party....but Noooo all they wanted was a Mr. Wensel party! They are in love! <3

Mr. Wensel came to visit them today. He brought Rainey our friend and the kids freaked out even more because what's better that one cool guy... two!!! They gave the kids their spelling test, they did an awesome science experiment (mentos + diet coke = EXPLOSION!). Each kid even got their own bottle to get hands on experience. My hubby is way too sweet to these kiddos. 

Rainey showed the kids a couple magic tricks, they were obsessed! Then Mr. Wensel read the kids a book. Then they played a round of Heads Up Seven Up! 

My first graders are adorable and they just LOVE these boys! 

Disclaimer: I don't want to get in any trouble with putting up pictures of my students so I made lovely white faces for all of them ;)