One Year Anniversary and Thanksgiving

November 20, 2010
I became Mrs. Christian Wensel
To feel like you were at our wedding go here

November 20, 2011 
We celebrated our One Year Anniversary! :) 

I cannot believe it has been a YEAR! Time has gone by so fast since we got married. We are now considered an "OLD" couple in our newly married ward. Being married is such a blast, we have so much fun together. There is no one I would rather spend the rest of eternity with than Christian. 

We went out to eat for lunch and dinner, and since we couldn't decide on one place...we went to Christian's pick for lunch and my pick for dinner. It was perfect! :) He chose Tucano's and I chose California Pizza Kitchen...yum! We went shopping together in between and bought each other things. Mind you, he never likes to go shopping...THIS WAS A BIG DEAL guys!

We bought each other matching phone covers, kinda like this one:

Since we got married so close to Thanksgiving we allow ourselves to celebrate the whole Thanksgiving break also. I really don't mind that! :)

We went to my parent's house in Alpine. Christian's dad came and stayed with us. He lives in San Francisco so it was so fun to have him with us also and he cooked bomb food for our meal! My grandparents also came into town from California. My mom is such a fabulous designer, I love our Thanksgiving table with her nice china.

We went to Temple Square the day after Thanksgiving. It was fun to go back to where we got married. :)

 We cannot wait to celebrate more years together, I love my man! I wish we could have another wedding too because that sure was one fun party!