Life is good.

Life has been so good lately. I have started teaching my little first graders. They are adorable, so cute, and perfect! :) I love being their teacher!  Here's a picture of my room! 

I have also been training and training and training for the St. George Marathon...and in 2 weeks I will be running it!! On Saturday, I just ran the farthest I have ever been 22 miles, baby! :) Now just got to do 26.2 on Marathon day, and I CAN'T wait! It's amazing to find out what your body is capable of doing!

It was my brother in-laws b-day this past week! He turned 14 years old but he acts like he's 20 years old! 
We love our Danny boy!

In celebration for Fall, I made a wreath! I am such a homemaker now! haha.