I've become obsessed with some fashion and design websites lately... don't judge. I have a very creative side of me and I found things on the internet that allow me to engage in this! 

My favorite being:
This website is soooooo sweet! It's like an organization system for all of your awesome home decorating and DIY projects and anything else that fits your fancy. I LOVE it! I have like a million albums on iPhoto of wedding ideas, houses I want in the future, things I want to make....and this is a way to put all those pictures in ONE place and to always have access to it!! :) 

Ok, my other favorite...  I just joined last night and I am a huge fan already is:
I just love seeing the kinds of outfits people put together. It's my source of inspiration for my own style. This site is like going through a magazine and looking at all the interesting, weird or cute outfits that people put together!