This weekend Christian and I went with our ward to Manti, Utah (which is in the middle of nowhere...literally!!). I was so excited to go because not only were we going to see the Manti temple for the first time but this would also be Christian and I's first camping trip together!

The Manti temple was gorgeous, as expected! I had always seen pictures of it growing up but to see it right in front of me was just amazing! We saw the Miracle Pageant when we first got there and that was SO cool. It was about the LDS church and about the hardships that people in our church have had to overcome. I love plays and it was just really neat to see scriptures that I have known all my life, being acted out. 

Camping was SO fun! Christian and I didn't get a tent from our wedding so we went out and bought one. Christian's requirements were that it had to be tall enough for him to stand in. I just wanted it to look good and be fairly big. :) Well, we met all our requirements and all our friends called our tent, "The Great and Spacious Building". Our good friends even called us King and Queen for some of the trip...hahaha. The best part about camping was we didn't put a cover over our tent so we went to sleep looking up at millions of stars. It was amazing! I have to say it was also nice to sleep on an air mattress...I highly recommend it! 

Christian and I also got the opportunity to speak in church on Sunday. It was fun to prepare a talk for married couples. We got to speak on commitment in marriage. I love doing things with my husband, if it's learning how to set up a tent, writing a talk together, going to the temple, going camping, whatever it is...I seriously married the best guy ever! Love him!!