Our First Apartment!

I have been meaning to do this forever... I am constantly changing and modifying our house to make it look "cuter" :)
In March we received the GRAND PRIZE in our apartment complex for best designed apartment. I'm not trying to brag, but we did get a 2 night stay in Park City (We are all about a free condo!). We had a bunch of strangers come through our apartment and rate it 1 (worst) - 10 (best). It was pretty fun, I loved walking around to all the other apartments to see what everyone had done to theirs.

Anyways, WELCOME to our pad!
WARNING: I am kinda obsessed with black and cream and ribbons :)

There is a story behind that couch! It's my favorite piece of furniture that we own.
Maybe I will tell you sometime!

So my Dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas and all I wanted was a Black and White awning like he and my mom made for my wedding. So for Christmas he made me this, I helped him a little bit...

When your married you got to stake out your "space" :)

Today, I was sick in bed and this is the view from my window... talk about beautiful! Did I tell you that my cute hubby picked our apartment (most people would say, yikes!) but I think he did good!

Thanks for stopping by! :)