My First Marathon, Our First Garden, and Other Firsts

-So first off I got into the St. George Marathon!! I have been wanting to do a marathon for years, and this year just seemed to be the year to do it. It's a lottery for those who want to run in it and they cap it at 7400 and about 25000 people apply. I only have to run 26.2 big deal. Yikes! But, isn't St. George pretty? One of my favorite vacation spots!
-Christian and I have created our first garden! Our apartment complex use to have a hot tub and they got rid of it and decided to use the land for a garden. We got a little plot and here are the BEFORE & AFTER pictures. 
 BEFORE (with new soil):
Now we just have to wait for the plants to grow so we can get some cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, basil, rosemary!

-So, I know I am not a mother yet but Christian was super cute and made me something for Mother's Day. He knows I have been wanting to make a vase like this forever and just haven't gotten around to it. He is the sweetest husband ever! I really wanted to get a BEFORE and AFTER of this project but I forgot, I remembered when he was halfway done! Just imagine for a second that this vase or box whatever you want to call it was blue, brown, and ugly but had potential! I bet you can see it now! Now it is in my favorite colors and a gorgeous harlequin pattern! :)

-I am almost done with my first year of teaching and boy has it been fun! I LOVE teaching children and teaching them about art and music this year has really been amazing!

-Next year however, I will be teaching FIRST GRADE at my school! I can't wait, teaching kids how to read, to love school, and learn the basics...I am ready! :)

Anyways, life has been pretty good to us lately. I love being married to my best friend and I am loving this hot weather. Summer? You can come faster is you want! :)