BYU Graduation and Birthdays

It has been a crazy week! I found out last week that I would be able to graduate on Friday. Thinking I was going to have to wait till August graduation because I have two more classes to complete. So I told family and friends last minute of the event and I threw together a large graduation party.

Graduation at BYU is nothing spectacular if I do say so myself. I never thought I would walk, but after being told that I would regret it and that my friend Allyse was walking in the same school as me, I did it! It actually was kind of fun. It started off with a Thursday convocation Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve spoke to us and it was a very moving speech. Video here...

Then Friday was the actual graduation from the college that you majored in. I graduated from the McKay School of Education. I had to be at the Smith Field House at 7am on Friday and the actual convocation ceremony started at 8am. My grandma and grandpa both came out for the graduation, which was so sweet of them to come out last minute.

After graduation, my family went to Mimi's Cafe which was a ridiculous wait but it was worth it. Then I had a graduation party at my house where we celebrated the graduation of my friends Allyse, Kaylee, Domineau, and myself. It was a blast and I had so many friends come and my mom's friends all rekindled their college days :)

The next day was Phil's birthday (Christian's brother). He had birthday lunch at Tucanos and then the next day on his real birthday we had sunday dinner at his mom's house in Fruit Heights.
With the birthday boy:

Then on April 26th was my birthday! :) I turned 22 years old!
I had a wonderful relaxing day that included hiking with my mom, shopping, thai food with my family, California Pizza Kitchen with Christian, playing in the park, and watching a movie about princesses.
All in all it was a spectacular week. I graduated, I turned 22, and now I am all grown up and ready to take on the world...or not. :)