"I'm sorry your not married"

I just had the worst paper of my life due March 1st and I am DONE! It was the Teacher Work Sample, the only assignment I have this whole semester while I am student teaching. It was such a relief to finally get it done, it turned out to be 48 pages total! Ahh! So I am half way through the student teaching experience. I am no longer teaching 3rd graders, and now teaching 1st grade in Draper, UT. I LOVE it!!! 1st grade is so wonderful and it keeps you busy. I think that I was meant to be a teacher because I have a lot of energy and don't get tired easily and I can talk baby talk and smile all day. It's a perfect fit! :)

So the funniest thing was said to me today. This little girl who is just adorable comes up to me as I am dropping my class in the cafeteria for lunch she says. "Miss Balkman, Miss Balkman...I am soo sorry!!" I said, "what are you sorry about?" She said, "I'm so sorry your not married, that's so sad." I laughed out loud when she said that. I told her that I'm actually pretty young (21) and a lot of people my age are not married yet. She said, "Oh, that's kind of old, my Mom was 18 when she got married." Oh brother, this is why I love Utah and the kids here....hahahaha.