I like/I don't like

I like...
  • teaching 1st Grade
  • Christian
  • hiking and walking with my friends
  • phone calls from people (especially cousins in Chicago)
  • that my sister got into BYU
  • that it is starting to get warm in Utah
  • reuniting with my Freshman friends
  • wearing clothes that make you feel good
  • the smell of vanilla bean lotion from Bath and Body Works
  • sleeping with a humidifier on when I sleep
  • the feeling that you get when you are with family
  • that I passed my Teacher Work Sample...one step closer to graduation :)
  • that I get a Spring Break for a couple of days next week from teaching
  • hearing little boys in my class say they want to marry me behind my back

I don't like...

  • not knowing where I will be next year
  • looking for a real teaching job
  • making cover letters
  • that fact that I have to take classes this Spring
  • the load of laundry that I still have to fold
  • buying things when I am poor
  • not living near a Trader Joes when I am craving it
  • throwing away Valentines roses even if they have died