So Busy!

I have been super busy lately but just an update on my life...

-I'm teaching 6th grade, which I love and I thought I would hate

-I have to take the Praxis Exam this weekend to see if I can be an Elementary School Teacher, hopefully I pass!

-I was a German Girl amongst a group of other Germans for Halloween

(Oh and I was Belle for my little 6th worries and also I don't enjoy being sluty, this was a one time deal and never again. I guess you have to do it one time to see why we really shouldn't dress like this :)
Sneak Peak Picture:

-I'm going to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's weddings :)

-In October my fam went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...which was AMAZING! It was super hot and I just got to relax, hike, see beautiful sunsets and experience a new culture = Awesome!

Besides all of this life has been good and keeping me going! :)

Oh and I am still dating this guy :)