Donna, my Great Grandmother

Donna Vee Paul Jackson

It is a hard thing to see a loved one pass away. I actually have not had many in my life yet who have. My Great Grandma, Donna just passed away yesterday, July 16th. She was 98 years old and lived a good life. I have gotten closer to her in the past couple of years, since my family moved to Utah. My mom and I have frequently visited her at her home in Salt Lake. My favorite memories of her is when she would beg us to put on her Dean Martin and Fred Astaire cds and want to dance. My mom and I would help her stand as we would dance in her kitchen together. I think something we both had in common is we hate sitting, and we both love dancing to classy music like that. She loved telling me about her dating years and her first kiss stories. She was such a character, she loved talking about her many men! She was also a very good healthy cook. My favorite recipes were here zucchini bread and her bran muffins. I guess all my mom's best recipes are from her!

My mom was able to see her a couple days ago and she was told by the doctors that she was to stay in bed for the last 3 weeks. I think this was torture for her. When my mom went over, GG (I have called her this since I was a baby) really just wanted to dance. Well she was told not to do this specifically by the doctors, but GG didn't care and just wanted to get out of her stupid bed. So my mom put her in a wheelchair and put on her music and GG and my mom danced around the kitchen. My mom said that GG was laughing and giggling and told my mom that this was the most fun she has had in a long time! We were told by her caretaker that she was giggling in her sleep and was so happy.

2 days later, yesterday July 16, 2009 Donna Paul died from the blood clot in her leg, that had been there for about a year and has been worsening as days went on. I am so sad that I was not able to see her with my mom the beginning of this week. I am going to regret that the rest of my life. Although, to hear that she was so full of joy that night a couple days before she died makes me so happy.

Life really goes quite fast. I bet GG is so happy to have no more pain and I am happy to know that she is in a better place dancing away to dean martin in heaven with her husband. I love her so much and miss her terribly.